Air Conditioning Repair In Westland

Air Conditioning Repair In Westland

When it comes to the summer heat, driving with a broken air conditioner makes it unbearable. Also, dark leather seats mixed with high heats can really make you sweat. Do not drive around uncomfortable all summer, have your A/C fixed by Mr. Muffler today! In addition to A/C repair, they offer quite a few services as well.

Air Conditioning Issues

When it comes to a broken air conditioner, there could be a number of issues that are happening. The first one is the condenser may be blocked. The condenser cools the hot air circulating and if it is blocked with debris I cannot cool the air so you get hot air back at you. Of course, the condenser itself may be broken and will need to be replaced. The second one is a little more common, the vehicle is leaking refrigerant. Usually, these leaks are found in the hoses of the air conditioning unit.

The third problem that may occur is an electrical issue. Now, these are a little harder to figure out but always start by checking the wiring for any frays or tears.  The fourth issue that may arise is the cooling fans. If the fans are not working right the condenser may not be able to provide cool air, which will make the A/C blow hot air.  The final issue may be the compressor. The compressor keeps everything moving in your A/C system. The compressor keeps the refrigerant moving to its proper place, without it the refrigerant does not circulate properly.

At Mr. Muffler they offer great prices on A/C repair. Do not get stuck all summer long burning up inside your vehicle. Bring your car in today and find out why Mr. Muffler is the best air conditioning repair shop in Westland.  Finally, give us a call at 734.721.2800 and find out what we can do for you!